Qlockwork is a grassroots tech firm founded in 2018 by Kevin Bailey and Baruch Winters. 

Kevin has a B.S. in Civil Engineering, previous researcher for the University of Illinois, FAA and IDOT, and a technology background as a Global Industry Leader and Go to Market Strategist for newly developed products and services. In addition to a rigorous academic and professional career, Kevin Bailey was a 2 sport Division 1, Big Ten athlete and is currently one of Chicago’s youngest elected officials as a sitting Committeeman.

Baruch has 15+ years experience teaching all ages. He is also a Computer and Network Technician with various certifications from Microsoft and CompTIA. The vision of Qlockwork was generated from a conversation Kevin and Baruch had about changing the paradigm of unemployment, access to opportunity, health and other major contributors to chronic issues of underprivileged communities. 

Qlockwork seeks to bridge the gap for underprivileged community members to reach professional career paths in technology and to be an awesome partner to the University of Chicago. The devices we install will bring us better insights for personalized health, diagnosis and medicine.