Project proposal guidelines

  1. Review the description of the project and available research resource (# participants, list of variables and type of biosamples) and assess whether COMPASS can support your investigative aims.
  2. If you are interested in utilizing the data, contact Dr. Brisa Aschebrook-Kilfoy at to set up a call to discuss interest and feasibility.
  3. Submit a data use request here.
  4. The request will be reviewed by the COMPASS resource access committee and follow-up queries will be provided to the applicant PI.
  5. If all review concerns are addressed, approval will be granted.
  6. Once approved, the applicant PI (or his/her designate) will have a consult with Dr. Aschebrook-Kilfoy (or another relevant team member) to finalize requested materials (select participants, variables and biosamples).
  7. Approved materials will be prepared for transfer once IRB approval and available funding are confirmed and DUAs/MTAs (if relevant) completed.
  8. One year from approval, a progress report will be submitted.
  9. Data generated from the approved project will be deposited to COMPASS resource repository for future investigations.  Appropriate credit will be provided to the applicant PI for future usage of the deposited data.
  10. Manuscripts generated based on COMPASS research resource will be sent to the COMPASS for review PRIOR to submission for publication.

*If funding is not yet available, the COMPASS team can help support pilot data for proposals, when possible.