Smoking cessation

In this project, Andrea King, PhD is leading a randomized smoking cessation trial in co-morbid drinker-smokers.


Andrea King, PhD is leading a randomized smoking cessation trial in co-morbid drinker-smokers.


The rationale is that alcohol drinking, particularly at moderate to heavy levels (>7 drinks weekly for women; >14 drinks for men) renders people at a disadvantage in smoking cessation compared with lighter drinkers and teetotallers.

There are currently no pharmacotherapeutic strategies to reduce this disparity in quit rates and target their unique barriers to success in stopping smoking. Dr. King and her collaborators are considering whether Varenicline tartrate may be an effective augmentation strategy to standard treatment with nicotine patch and brief counseling for smokers who frequently drink. COMPASS participants who want to quit smoking are being recontacted and invited to participate in this project..

How to Participate

If you are interested in participating, check out this website:


Andrea King, PhD

Andrea King, PhD

Andrea King, PhD, is a psychiatrist who focuses on tobacco and alcohol addiction, assessment and treatment of substance use disorders, and cancer prevention and control. Dr. King is also the director of Clinical Addictions Research Laboratory.

She is also co-leader of Cancer Prevention and Control at the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center, director of the tobacco treatment program at the University of Chicago, and developer of the Courage to Quit® tobacco cessation program delivered by the Respiratory Health Association across the Chicagoland area.